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How to Choose Baby’s Pillow?

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If you’re a parent who’s expecting a child or has already welcomed a little one into the world, I’m sure you’re looking for a baby pillow. More often than not, people forget that babies are far more delicate than us and require a pillow that is made specifically for them. I myself have a young child and noticed how peacefully he sleeps now that he has his own baby pillow.

Although it may seem simple to go ahead and buy a baby pillow, there are some standards that need to be met. This blog discusses these standards so that you don’t end up with a pillow that claims to be a baby pillow but has none of those beneficial qualities that ensures peaceful and comfortable rest for your baby. Don’t worry if you didn’t know about them before; I’m here to help.

The Qualities of a Baby Pillow.

Baby pillows are specifically designed to cater to children’s delicate bodies. Below, I have identified a few essential qualities that set apart baby pillows from standard pillows:

1. An Angled Slope

The most important thing that many people miss out on is that babies require an angled slope to sleep comfortably. The baby pillows that I like have a slightly inclined angle so that my baby has the right amount of lift. The angle and the lift prevent choking, acid reflux, and splitting up. Pediatricians recommend using a pillow that is inclined at 12 degrees. Research also claims that a flat baby pillow is unlikely to do anything at all to help your baby sleep. 

2. The Cover Material Made From 100% Cotton:

Since your baby will be spending most of his time sleeping, the material of the baby pillow is vital. I prefer pillows made of cotton or, at least, covered with a thick layer of cotton fabric so that it is soft and smooth. Always be sure to check if the material is rough because this could be very irritating for your baby’s tender skin. 

3. Waterproof Capability:

waterproof fabric

Regular pillows tend to stain or begin smelling bad after as little as a month. This was one of the reasons why I decided that I needed something different for my baby. 

The waterproof capability of your baby pillow is significant. If anything seeps too deeply into the pillow, you will not be able to get rid of the smell and stains no matter how hard you try. However, while purchasing a waterproof baby pillow, always make sure that its waterproof surface is not irritating or hurting your baby. Make sure it doesn’t have a layer of waterproof material on top, as this can cause liquids to slide off and ruin your bed or the baby’s crib. Instead, opt for something that includes a waterproof layer within.

4. Dual Covers:

I personally find dual-cover to be the most desirable characteristic of a baby pillow. Dual covers mean you can have both the benefits of soft material and waterproof material in one. For me, the ideal dual cover baby pillow should have a smooth layer on top so that my baby feels comforted throughout the night and a waterproof one underneath. The dual cover technology gives you the best of both worlds.

5. Adequate Size:

Those tiny baby pillows may look cute, but they do little when it comes to comfort. Your baby pillow needs to be big enough to at least fit in a crib. By covering the entire head-side of the crib, the pillows allow your bay to shift around without slipping off or moving to a flat area without a pillow. A good length is about 13 inches as this will fit most cribs and is big enough for your child even if they sleep in a cot. When I shifted to a larger baby pillow, my baby stopped waking up in the middle of the night, and his sleep routine improved.

How Can We Help?

We Mobius, know how difficult it can be to find the perfect baby pillow. I myself struggled until we came out with our very own line for mothers and babies called the Mother & Babies Series. Within this series, we introduced the baby wedge.

The Baby Wedge Pillow has dual covers, a 12-degree angle, and an adequate size of 35cm ×31cm × 6.5 cm. It is made from premium cotton with waterproof capabilities and a hypo-allergic removable cover that is easy to clean. Along with this, the pillow is stuffed with the best quality HR foam and cut memory foam and even comes with a handy little bag in which you can store the pillow during travel.


There are a few things that one needs to take into account while finding the perfect baby pillow. Although the list isn’t that long, these elements are essential to your baby’s sleep health. Be sure that your baby pillow has the right angle, size, material, dual covers, and waterproof capability before purchasing it. We all want nothing but the best for our babies, whether they’re asleep or awake. So, as parents, finding them the perfect pillow should always be our priority.

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