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We Serve at Every Stage

We take pride in solving different challenges to customers in a productive way. Maybe you need a special design, a distinct packing, an urgent delivery or any other supports, our team is here ready to offer you the integrated solutions and save you more.


R&D will give you the support to create your own branded products. The preliminary plan is reviewed at this stage to ensure that the options we offered can meet your targets, including color, density, logo, branded labels, and packaging, etc. Our designers help you to catch your customer’s eye.


Automatic production lines are placed in a manufacturing plant with the necessary infrastructure, efficient workforce, and materials to create your projects in an efficient manner.


We have a thumb of the rule when sourcing material: Non-toxic, harmless, and green. We provide in-house test reports and material characteristics reports. For finished parts requiring third-party inspection, we’ve also got you covered. 


You will have our delivery status report. Our production planners will define a thoughtful plan in accordance with our manufacturing capabilities, ensuring there is no delivery delay. We can also help with the whole shipment if you need it.


24/7 Stand By

Our well-trained customer service is available 24/7 by email or phone, which guarantees you have direct access to us when faced with problems. 

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