Is The Memory Foam Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Mite?

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Woman Sleeping on a White Bed with a White Pillow

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Our beds are one of our most cherished safe spaces. It’s the place we spend most of our time in. Hence, we must take care of ourselves and ensure these safe spaces are well-protected against germs and bacteria. While they may look clean and neat, pillows are home to various bacteria and germs.

The new memory foam pillows might be a great way to tackle the problem. Through my years of experience and knowledge, I’m here to let you know whether the memory foam is antibacterial and anti-mite.

You never know what kind of creepers may be crawling on the inside of your pillow while you sleep soundly, unaware of the danger. If preventative measures aren’t taken, you may end up with allergies or viruses before you know it. Read on to find whether the memory foam you’re using is antibacterial and anti-mite!

What’s Crawling Inside Your Pillow?

anti dust anti bacteria anti fungus

Now before we can figure out whether memory foam is antibacterial and anti-mite, let’s talk about what kind of germs may lie in your pillows. 

  • Dust Mites: 

Dust mites are a cross between spiders and ticks and are born to inconvenience. They eat away at your dead skin and cause allergies. Who’d want to sleep on their pillows when these creepy mites are crawling all around you? Not me for sure. 

Dust mites are the worst when it comes to dealing with pillows. Your pillow absorbs all sorts of moisture and sweat throughout the year, providing the perfect breeding ground for mites. Furthermore, we shed quite a lot of dead skin every year, providing them with food and the ideal temperatures to qualify as their new home. 

According to research, mites release a substance that has a carcinogen effect on the human body. It’s an allergen that promotes asthma. 

  • Fungus:

Although it is relatively less harmful, fungi are still present in your pillows, ready to attack for those with weak immune systems.

  • Bacteria:

You, your pets, your family all contribute to the bacteria living deep inside your pillows. They transmit from your face, hands, saliva and begin to accumulate in your pillows over time. If you’re someone who dreads acne and pimples, bacteria in your pillows promote such skin problems going as far as pink eye. I advise prevention and inspection before things get worse. 

Is Memory Foam the Answer?

There’s no need to be scared; memory foam is the answer to all your problems. 

  • Solid Molded Foam:

The molded memory foam pillow has a whole sealed surface which mostly likes a kind of skin, and most solid foams have a close cell structure. There’s relatively more minor space for any of the aforementioned creepy crawlers to sneak in. With other pillows, these germs usually sneak deep inside the pillow, making them almost impossible to clean; however, with memory foam, these germs tend to stay on top of the bedding, making them super easy to clean and get rid of.

  • Hypoallergenic:

All these microscopic inhabitants are known to cause most allergies, specifically dust allergies. Memory foam’s hypoallergenic property allows for total protection, keeping you safe from any allergies that may develop over time. Hence, fewer individuals fall victim to such allergies when they’re using memory foam rather than when they’re using other pillows.

  • Moisture Wicking

Moisture promotes the growth of bacteria, fungus, allergens, and dust mites. Mobius’s full line of products uses a bamboo fiber cover, which is moisture-wicking and bamboo fiber is around 50% faster dry than cotton. And also, the bamboo fiber material is antibacterial by its nature.

Germs, allergens, bacteria as well as fungi tend to wreak havoc in our lives. You end up coughing up a storm or just have itchy skin. The buildup could maybe even lead to a viral or bacterial disease. Incorporating a nice comfortable memory foam pillow into your beds could save you a whole lot of trouble and stress.

What Kind of Memory Foam Pillows Can You Find?

Memory foam pillows are still relatively hard to find compared to memory foam mattresses that have been the rage for a long time. But I am here to make finding memory foam easier for you.

Below, I have compiled a range of memory foam pillows made to cater to your maximum comfort and health. Dust mites tend to settle into pillows, duvets, mattresses, or anything that provides the ideal warm conditions and places to settle down. Hence, at Mobius, we have a range of memory foam products developed to eliminate this very problem from your life.

1. Therapeutic Memory Foam Pillow

If you’ve got constant back pains, Mobius has a Therapeutic Memory Foam Pillow that contours to the shape of your neck, providing excellent comfort. It is ideal for sleep if the regular pillows don’t work for you.

2. Memory Foam Travel Pillow

One of my favorites is the Memory Foam Travel Pillow. Travelling has always been associated with uncomfortable sleep. But with this memory foam travel pillow, that isn’t the case anymore. My long flights were now accompanied by great sleep, and I have never felt so well-rested during travel. 

3. Classic Memory Foam Pillow

If you just want a regular fluffy memory foam pillow, Mobius has a great one. Our Classic Memory Foam Pillow is always on my bed. It contours into the shape of your head, allowing for amazing and indulgent sleep.


Compared with pillows of other materials, memory foam pillows have better antibacterial and anti-mite properties. However, in order to ensure your health, in addition to choosing the right material, it is also necessary to clean the pillowcase regularly and replace the pillow once every two years. Hope this article is helpful to you. For more content, please visit our website, or search for the content you want directly in the search bar.

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