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How To Brand Your Pillow With Lowest Cost?

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Starting a business can be difficult. You need to identify the unique selling point of your product. Then, advertise efficiently, set prices that are backed by sound strategies, reduce running costs, employ workers, build networks, comply with legal standards and certifications, etc. But then comes the most challenging aspect of running a business, i.e., brand creation. 

What is a brand, and how do you create it?

A brand is a perception. It is how investors, employees, competitors, and, most importantly, customers view your business. The brand stems from the mission and vision of the company and encompasses its broader goals. However, it can only really impact customer psychology when the business provides unique products. These products not only should be well received by the target market but also be consistently competitive.

Why is branding important?

A brand differentiates you from other competitors. It gives your business credibility in the saturated market, thereby allowing you to charge higher prices. It also creates customer loyalty and indirect marketing through word of mouth of loyal customers. A brand is more likely to be successful in other ventures in its industry. For instance, a well-reputed mattress manufacturing brand has a higher chance of success when it begins producing pillows. 

How to brand the product with lowest cost?

Alright, so you’ve thought of what product you will launch, you’ve designed the logo, and made a website. But when you contact the manufacturer, you come to know about a thing called the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). The manufacturer is only willing to supply to you if you order above or at a specified quantity, i.e., the MOQ. It is common for suppliers to demand a large MOQ to secure the most interested buyers. For startups like yours, your funds do not satisfy the MOQ. Your talks with the manufacturer break down, and you are back to square one. 

That’s where we come in. At Mobius, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality products in the sleep and comfort industry. In this industry, we are committed to helping more new sellers build their brands at the lowest cost possible. We believe that any century-old company starts from a small company. There are always fresh faces that can stand out in the market. Therefore, we provide the following suggestions for start-up companies, which can be used not only in the home textile industry but also in other industries.

1. Label

brand woven label
print logo brand

This is a piece of writing printed onto textile or printed into the product itself, distinguishing your product from others. A label might have your brand name, manufacturer name, product information, such as the percentage of cotton in it or if the product is detergent friendly. 

Labels, both printed and textile, are the cheapest methods of branding. The total cost of labeling amounts to $20 – $30 for total, not for a single piece. No matter the order is 100pcs or 500pcs. The shift in price depends on the size and color of your logo. It is recommended to have a one-color logo to keep the costs at a minimum.

2. Sticker

sticker paper

Stickers are similar to labels but are not used on the product itself; instead, it is placed on the product’s packaging. The purpose of a sticker is to highlight a brand’s identity while also describing the essential characteristics of a product. Stickers can be designed in various creative ways in the hopes of attracting the customer. They are generally bigger in size than labels and act as customer eye-catchers. 

Generally, pillows and other items are packaged in standard plain plastic bags. This packaging is not attractive, nor is it different from competitors. Retailers selling these in the same plain factory packaging will cut costs but not capture customers long-term. Some enterprising firms may decide to use colorful boxes or embroidered handbags for packaging. However, this will be an expensive venture for new firms because of their high MOQ and cost per unit. 

Therefore, we recommend using stickers. 

The price per unit ranges between $0.2 – $0.3/pc for the A5 – A4 page sizes. You may utilize this space for any information of your choices, such as company name, address, contact number, product characteristics, safety hazards, legal notices, and promotional advertisements. If you have never designed a sticker, professionals at Mobius can provide you with a free design and layout. You may also print your logo as the extra sticker packed along with the product. As with most successful multinational businesses (think Apple), each product will come with two of their logos in sticker form, especially when the logo is cute and has a special cartoon design. Seeing your logo on the packaging will help customers associate the product with your logo, thereby establishing your brand. 

3. Embroidered logo

embroidery logo brand

Embroidery is the art of using a needle to apply thread to make unique designs on textiles. It gives products a premium look. While common in luxury fashion industries, embroidered logos are rare in the pillow industry. Therefore, products of companies that have embroidered logos automatically stand out as high-end products. We have recently invested in an embroidery factory, which enables us to embroider and customize your logos. However, currently, we can only embroider a small amount of logos. For this service, we charge a reasonable $0.2 – $0.3 per piece based on size 6cm~8cm, within 3 colors.

4. Jacquard logo

jacquard logo brand

Jacquard logos are relatively commonplace in today’s market, with many fashion brands implementing them in their clothing lines. Like embroidered logos, jacquard logos give products a unique, loud look. While most factories have a high MOQ ranging between 1000 – 2000 pieces. Considering our commitment to helping new sellers in the market, we demand an MOQ of only 500 pieces. This is half of the market rate. And we do this logo for you totally free, without any extra charge. What’s better is we have thousands of fabric pattern designs for your choice to make a unique pillow texture.

By using our services

You will kickstart your branding campaign in the most convenient way possible. Low MOQs, low price per unit, trendy sticker, and logo designs will work wonders to separate your business from the saturated market. In the end, we wish nothing but success for your venture and strive to help you towards your goal in the sleep and comfort industry. 

If you have any other questions about marketing, advertising, investment, and transportation, etc., please feel free to contact us. We will provide all the information in our power, and share our resources to help you save costs. We hope to work alongside you and witness, firsthand, growth in your venture through our cooperation.

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