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Industry Associations and Groups Related to Sleep

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Sleep is a big part of human life. According to scientific data, on average, men and women sleep between 6 to 8 hours. Children sleep between 9 to 12 hours. With these statistics and a good chunk of common sense, we can gather that we spend a significant proportion of our time on earth sleeping. Naturally, many organizations have formed around the world that study sleeping patterns and identify ways to improve the human sleeping experience. This blog will attempt to summarize these organizations’ goals and objectives and highlight what you can gain from learning about them.

The first question that comes into your mind is, why do I need to learn about sleep organizations? The answer is simple. Being in the pillow manufacturing industry, where our pillows and cushions are primarily designed to enhance the sleeping experience, it is essential to be aware of newer scientific and technological improvements found by sleep-related organizations. Using their findings, we can create a product that is more efficient and feasible than our competitors. In this technological age, businesses must be up to date and ready to innovate. With that being said, here are pertinent sleep-oriented organizations that all pillow and sleep product manufacturers should be aware of. 

International Sleep Products Association (ISPA)

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ISPA’s mission is to “lead and advance the interests of the sleep product industry.” Its long-term goal is to “help the world sleep better.” The organization uses scientific data to create forecasts about emerging sleep products. It connects diverse manufacturers and suppliers and helps them find footing in the industry. It provides manufacturers and suppliers with various reports, including bedding market analysis, mattress trend reports, and law label manuals. It is a necessary stop for all stakeholders in the sleep product industry. The organization has more than 600 members from 40 different countries. 

The Sleep Council U.K. 

The Better Sleep Council  logo

The Sleep Council is a United Kingdom-based organization that aims to find techniques that help you sleep better. Since its inception in 1995, The Sleep Council has helped people suffering from sleep disorders and taken measures to prevent deteriorating health due to lack or abundance of sleep. The organization’s vision is to provide consistent, effective, and evidence-based support to anyone with sleep issues. Stakeholders of the sleep industry may use The Sleep Council’s data-driven press, broadcast, and awareness campaigns to formulate market penetrable products. Recently, the organization has merged with The Sleep Charity, an award-winning charity institution, to become one of the world’s leading authorities on sleep. 

The Better Sleep Council 

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The Better Sleep Council (BSC) is oriented towards helping consumers finding the perfect mattress for themselves. To do so, it provides research, insight, and educational resources that positively correlate to a consumer’s sleeping patterns. The organization has its own blog and research page where it explores sleeping-related queries. As mentioned before, the BSC focuses heavily on mattresses. It custom picks the size and type of mattress for consumers while also connecting them with mattress retailers. There is room here for other sleep product retailers, such as pillow retailers, to advertise their products here. 

Sleep Foundation

Sleep Foundation logo

The Sleep Foundation is a blog/article browsing website that deals with all topics related to sleep health. The website claims that it fact checks all publications to ensure that readers receive the most accurate information. The Sleep Foundation employs a team of writers along with medical professionals to ensure the consistency of all data received. Browsing through the website, one may find several different articles on sleep. It also features the best mattress and pillows of 2021. Retailers in the pillow manufacturing industry may contact the Sleep Foundation if they believe their pillow can pass its stringent checking mechanics so that it can be featured on its best pillows article. The credibility this provides to the retailer is of enormous value. 

The Australasian Sleep Association (ASC)

aus sleep association logo

The ASC is Australia and New Zealand’s leading scientific body dealing with sleep health and sleep medicine. It provides education, resources, and data to professionals in the sleep health industry to combat deteriorating health conditions caused by sleep. Its long-term goal is to create a community that is powered by scientifically proven best sleep practices and medicine. The ASC also organizes several reputable events in the sleep industry. Its most popular event, Sleep DownUnder, recognizes the efforts of professionals who have contributed to the sleep industry. Its latest event, Sleep DownUnder 2021, will be held on the 10th – 13th October 2021 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center. 

World Sleep Society (WSS)

world sleep 2022

The WSS aims to advance sleep health worldwide. It specifically aims to provide under-developed and developing countries with modern sleep technology, scientific resources, and awareness education for a better sleep experience. It also acts as a networking platform where specialists in the sleep industry from all over the world connect to foster and promote new ideas. WSS also organizes several events that raise sleep health awareness. In 2021, WSS organized 200 such events. Its primary event is the World Sleep Congress. It is a biennial event hosted by different cities. Here, top sleep health scientists, sleep medicine professionals, and other sleep industry stakeholders come together to discuss ideas and network. The 16th iteration of the World Sleep Congress will take place in Rome from 11-16 March 2021. 

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF)

The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) logo

The NSF is a United States-based institution founded in 1990 to improve the well-being of the country’s residents through sleep education and advocacy. Through sleep education, the institution aims to raise awareness about sleep cycles, ensure spaces other than homes have dedicated sleep areas, and invest in science and technology for sleep-friendly products. The institute publishes articles on sleep health regularly. It also has a program called SleepTech, which in collaboration with Samsung, is working towards advanced sleep technology. The NSF also compiles data in its Sleep Health Index. The data contains more than 22,000 responses over 22 consecutive periods. Sleep industrialists may use this index for research in the development phase of their new products. 

American Sleep Association (ASA)

American Sleep Association (ASA) logo

The ASA was established in 2002 with the goal of raising awareness about sleep and sleep disorders. It uses its vast data and resources to educate the public about sleep health. They are funded by both public and private sector firms, enabling the ASA to provide its resources free of cost. The organization uses a blog with many posts on sleep health. It also has a section dedicated to sleep medicine. Most importantly, the ASA has a “Sleep Products” section that highlights the best mattresses, pillows, etc., one can purchase to enhance their sleeping experience. Sleep products retailers may connect to the ASA and use this platform for advertising and building the credibility of their business. 

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