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Why Are Bamboo Pillows So Popular?

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Bamboo trees are native to the marshy lands of Asia. They have been used for centuries for construction, paper, and biofuel. Recently, scientists have incorporated bamboo fibers into pillows. This blog discusses the natural advantages bamboo pillows have and why they should be on your new year’s shopping list.

Let Me Introduce You to The Bamboo Pillow, a Pillow That Blew My Mind in 2021 

adjustable shredded memory foam pillow (5)

The bamboo pillow, as the name implies, is made up of a mixture of bamboo stalks and shredded memory foam. Chemical treatment is used to break down the cellulose in bamboo stalks, i.e., the protein that gives bamboo stalks its hardness. Once broken down, the bamboo becomes a smooth pulp. The pulp is filtered for bamboo fibers which are processed and spun into yarn. The yarn is called Rayon fiber, which, because of its softness, is commonly known in Asia as artificial silk. 

Why buy bamboo pillows? 

Well, being a pessimistic buyer, I would argue that there are tons of soft pillows available in the market right now; why should I spend more on buying a soft pillow made of bamboo? I’m sure many of you, too, have such reservations; after all, our money doesn’t grow on bamboos (pun intended). We can’t just go around spending more and more on whatever cool new things come out every few months. We have to do our research, see customer reactions, view certifications, weigh advantages and disadvantages until we make our final decision.

Well, let me help you towards making this final decision. I have been working tirelessly, day and night, through thick and thin, to research why bamboo pillows are gaining popularity and why you should get one right now. 

Here are the seven reasons why bamboo pillows are gaining popularity.

1. Bamboo Pillows are Adjustable.

adjustable height

Most bamboo pillows are filled with shredded memory foam. Shredded memory foam, combined with bamboo fibers, makes bamboo pillows one of the softest and most malleable pillows in the market. Their malleability allows for a great level of adjustability. These pillows have an interlocking zip at the inner core, which allows customers to add or removed shredded memory foam, thereby customizing the pillow to their own sleeping needs.

The malleability and customization feature also means that bamboo pillows contour perfectly to a sleepers’ head, neck, and upper body. This is especially useful for:

Back Sleepers: who want a thinner pillow that keeps their head and shoulders level.

Side Sleepers: who need a thicker, higher-lofted pillow that supports the side head, neck, and one shoulder of your body. The pillow should be filled in a way that it wraps the entire area of your head and neck.

Stomach Sleepers: This is generally considered an unhealthy method of sleeping. However, if you really have to sleep on your stomach, you should use a very thin pillow so that it keeps your neck and body aligned. Luckily, you can remove the filling from a bamboo pillow to make it as thin as possible.

2. Bamboo Fibers Have Antibacterial Benefits.

bamboo fiber

Being a natural material, the Rayon fibers in bamboo pillows have anti-microbial characteristics. This means that harmful bacteria cannot grow on the surface of the pillow. Since pillows are always in close contact with our mouths, nose, ears, and eyes, i.e., common entry points for bacteria into our bodies, it is necessary that we use pillows that fight them off. 

3. Bamboo Pillows are Hypoallergenic.

Sneezing Hypoallergenic

It is common for fibers to go through different allergy-inducing chemicals in their production process. However, bamboo fibers are only subject to a few chemicals, which makes bamboo pillows relatively chemical-free. Therefore, bamboo pillows are considered more hypoallergenic than other synthetically manufactured pillows. I sleep better at night, knowing that at least my bamboo pillow will not cause my allergies to resurface when I wake up.

4. Bamboo Pillows Have Cooling Elements.

bamboo fiber cool

Rayon fibers inside bamboo pillows have tiny spaces in between, which create excellent airflow. The tiny spaces help absorb moisture from your skin, thereby reducing your body temperature. This is especially useful for hot sleepers who constantly turn their pillows to rest their head on the colder side. It is also useful to people living in regions with high levels of heat and humidity. With Bamboo pillows, you can say goodbye to the hot, suffocating feeling one experiences when they cover their face with regular pillows.

5. Bamboo Pillows are Noiseless.

Quiet Please Signboard

If you are a restless sleeper, continuously tossing and turning throughout the night, the bamboo pillow is perfect for you. Bamboo fibers combined with shredded memory foam are malleable and therefore do not create a rustling noise when twitched. This feature is also useful for pillow huggers like me who do not want their sleep hampered by the thumps of the pillow fabric. 

6. Bamboo Pillows are Easily Washable.

Dirty Laundry

Most bamboo pillows are washing machine-friendly. They do not need special care or expensive detergents. You may toss them with your laundry, run all your errands, and come back to a fresh pillow. Additionally, bamboo pillows are dryer-friendly. However, letting the pillow dry outside through the sun is a much more recommended and hygienic drying method. Sunlight not only removes harmful micro-organisms from the surface of the pillow but also gives it a cozy, natural odor. 

7. Bamboo Pillows are Environmentally Friendly.

eco friendly

Bamboo is a type of grass found all over the world, which grows especially well in the warm and humid Asiatic region. Since it is a type of grass, bamboo grows very quickly. It does not require a specific kind of field, nor does it need enhancers such as fertilizers to grow effectively. These properties make bamboo a perfect crop for restoring degraded lands. 

Protecting our Environment

Bamboo plants’ eco-friendly growth is especially important in 2021. Every day, we hear news of rising temperatures, garbage landfills, and natural disasters caused by environmental degradation. We must switch to purchasing environmentally friendly products to combat such disasters, even if such products have a higher price tag. By switching to bamboo pillows, you are contributing to the well-being of our planet and ensuring a healthier home for your children. 

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